Monday, September 17, 2007

Michael Franks Presents - A Songwriter's Journal - XFM

"A Songwriter's Journal"

For some time in 2006 Michael Franks hosted a show on the radio station XM Watercolors presenting music of his taste.
a show he was producing for XM Radio.

A Songwriter's Journal
takes you into the heart, mind & soul of one of today's most prolific creators of song... Michael Franks. This monthly show will focus on music, musicians, and Franks' personal memories and anecdotes. He'll even take you inside the studio and backstage with some of his legendary musician friends.

Peek into the heart, mind and soul of one of today's most prolific song creators, Michael Franks. Part 1, Inspiration, is a journey into the music, personal memories and anecdotes that have inspired some of Michael's own hit compositions.

January 2006 - Inspiration
February 2006 - The Woman I Love
March 2006 - Songs I wish I had written myself
April 2006 - Duets - Part 1


  1. The links seems to be dead. Is there a way to replace them with Soundcloud etc?

    I hope you get this message.


  2. Hi Mats,
    I have started uploading them again, replacing with youtube links.

  3. Hello,

    It seems to be some copyright problem, at least in Brasil, where I am at the moment.

    Could you fix that?



  4. Yeah, youtube does that from time to time. I moved the source here. I hope it works now.
    Soundcloud is too limited in terms of the size/length of the audios so I am no longer using.